Advance Rental Car Engine

The current additions developed for the car rental engine is based on two market reference aggregators operating both in the B2B and B2C world.
Today a series of functions are available from the classic search with search engine, to the advanced search developed on the starting map.
TravelPlace has passed all the certifications with both aggregators which are kept up to date on the latest versions of additions released by them.

Integrated Providers
The integrations developed cover all the functions made available from net tariffs to commissionable tariffs.
The use of one or both of the know-howers allows coverage of a wide range of car rental companies.
TravelPlace has the possibility beyond the connection with the aggregators it has the possibility to connect the various car rental companies based on the needs of the customer who manages the platform.

Car Net
GDS - Flexible Auto



The rental cat search engine has basic search functions:

  • - star from airport
  • - start from city
  • - different drop off to pick up

In the basic version of the search engine it allows you to search for a car from an airport or city.
The different drop off functionality therefore allows you to pick up a machine at one point and leave it at a different point

search by maps


The advanced car rental search engine has several possibilities and features:  

  • - office near one point
  • - office hours
  • - avaibility direct from the office

Once an office has been identified and the search with the rental days made, the system queries the office directly, if there is no availability, warn the user and propose the cars available on the same destination

List & filter result


A multitude of filters have been introduced in the search result such as:

  • - brand rental car
  • - class car
  • - type car
  • - fuell

A very clear search results interface with all the information available immediately.
In addition there is the SIPP decoded code for each proposed car.



In detail, it is possible to see all the characteristics of the machine and the different offers with a very simple and intuitive presentation:

  • - list options pay on the spot
  • - terms and conditions
  • - different offert and price proposal

In the detail of the car, the customer sees everything that is included and the characteristics of the car.
In addition, during the booking phase there is the possibility of adding an insurance

MyBook: User Area


After booking,the functionality for buying a car is limited :

  • - print reservations
  • - delete when is refoundable
  • - download the voucher
  • - payment the reservation
The various features are fully integrated on the TravelPlace back office which allows back office operators to see and intervene directly on the reservation

Back Office


Like all products managed within TravelPlace you can define your sales logics by differentiating them from customer to customer. In the case of rental car, you can define and segment the product by:

  • - manage the reservation
  • - setup mark-up for pick-up date
  • - setup mark-up for booking date
  • - excluding the engine to one or more customer
All definable by book and / or flight period. The maximum flexibility in a few clicks will allow you to define your sales logic dedicated to each individual customer


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